Build Relation By Connecting Not By Convincing
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Build Relation By Connecting Not By Convincing

Start Date:
Jun 19, 2022 3:30 AM
End Date:
Jun 19, 2022 12:30 PM
Min Order Qty: 30

A day-long workshop, you will build powerful relationships within the family, friends, and relatives and also make new friends.

 You will be able to avoid conflicts and Attract compassions; get rewarded every moment, so you can win the moment instead of winning at the moment, and also build stronger and long-lasting relationships.

 Languages: Kannada | English | Hindi

The objectives of this workshop: 

  • How to converse in any relationships; build bondage with love and affection in any hard situation.
  • How you can always be empathically building powerful relations and instead of ordering, ASKing them brain ignition questions, and showing concern by listening proficiently.
  • Learn how to be responsive instead of reactive in a reactive attitude of other family members in any hard full situation.
  • How to inculcate responsive behaviour and build confidence to improve clarity in your conversation and to be a responsible person in your family.
  • Learn how to improve your relationship while sharing your ideas, dreams, and goals in a more acceptable manner to make it happen, while being connected and also by being an impactful person.
  • Learn to communicate by balancing your emotions to maintain peaceful behaviour and sustain a long-lasting relationship.
  • Overcome your conflict based analysing thinking pattern and be a polite, lovable, most caring, compassionate, powerful human being in your ever-lasting relationship.

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