Life Mastery
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Life Mastery

Start Date:
Jul 13, 2022 3:30 AM
End Date:
Jul 16, 2022 12:30 PM
Min Order Qty: 30

Four-day residential Lifestyle Transformational Workshop, to master your life and transform yourself to experience the multidimensional wellbeing to live young and rich at ripe old age.

The objectives of this workshop:

  • What are the current lifestyle challenges and how to overcome these challenges?
  • What are the health challenges and how to overcome functional disorders, and avoid critical conditions?
  • Know the Brain-Boosting Foods you could to Eat to Think Faster, Feel More Energetic, and be with more energetic to progress in the direction that takes your life next level.
  • How to experience the multidimensional wellbeing while being in your present professional and personal challenges.
  • What is the lifecycle that you need to identify within your influence? How to overcome the challenges and experience the joy of transformation?
  • You will learn secrets of mental/emotional wellbeing and overcome the turbulence and practice peaceful life.
  • Learn how to generate the Courage to Live the Life You Want and what are the areas you deserve to get a route map to escape from the life of rat race?
  • Know, why your belief is ingrained within the core of your being and how can you achieve Peak Performance by Reducing Brain Clutter and Brain Fog?
  • Reinforce New Learning by Breaking Old Patterns, form Better Habits, and dramatically Improve Relationships with People around you by Feeling Happier and Smarter.

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